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Registration is now open for the designertopia conference being held in the UK Feb. 1st-2nd of next year. In addition to the expected presentation of Microsoft’s new offerings in this arena, there are some interesting sessions listed such as this one:

Young designers integrate technology into everyday objects with humorous, subversive or playful effect. Examples include the “OCD Lightswitch” which displays the number of times the switch has been turned on in its lifetime; a digitally controlled paint-roller that paints pre-designed murals on walls; a SMS projector that allows you to beam SMS messages from your mobile onto the sides of buildings. Marcus Fairs, a leading figure in architecture and design journalism and author of the best-selling book, Twenty-First Century Design, gives you a colorful introduction into this new design movement.

I’m speaking and attending as well…

Link to designertopia

Mix06 session videos posted

All of the Microsoft MIX06 sessions have been posted on the web for public consumption. There are powerpoints, videos, etc. A lot of good content for those interested in some of what Microsoft (and others including Amazon, MySpace, BBC online, etc) are doing in the web, devices, and desktop spaces in the near future. Also included is the session by yours truly regarding some of the Expression tools. Also presenting are Robert Reinhardt and Arturo Toledo. And let’s not overlook the screen grab image of me they used. I look like I’m glaring at an audience member–“Design is dead?! What are you saying? How come no one invited me to the funeral?”

MAX 2004 Presentation

November 8th, 2004I spoke at MAX 2004 with John Bennett of Macromedia Consulting. The presentation is entitled “Creating Rich User Experiences with the Flex Experience Model” (say that five times fast).

The presentation went fairly well–no one threw rotten fruit or pointy objects so we can consider that a success. We also ended up with a fair number of people showing up, considering that the session wasn’t listed in the registration app.

I’ve recorded a breeze presentation to be posted on the macromedia MAX web site. I’ve also posted the presentation in uglified web format here.